Chapter 14 Corrections

Chapter 14 Corrections - Chapter 14 Corrections

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Chapter 14 Corrections 8.) Which of the following was NOT an impact of the Mongol conquests on the Islamic  heartlands and Europe? Student Answer  – “B”: The Mongol facilitated trade between the civilizations at each  end of Eurasia Correct Answer  – “A”: The Mongols destroyed the last centralized government to rule in  the Islamic Heartlands. Proof – “Hulegu, a grandson of Chinggis Khan, moved westward against Mesopotamia  and North Africa. Baghdad was destroyed in 1258. With the fall of the Abbasid dynasty,  Islam had lost its central authority; consequently much of its civilization was  devastated.” 9.) Which of the following statements concerning the Mongol conquest of Song China is most accurate? Student Answer – Blank Correct Answer – “D”: Son China proved one of the toughest areas for the Mongols to conquer, taking from 1235 to 1279 to subdue 10.) Which of the following statements concerning the Yuan social order is most accurate?
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