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Test Corrections 13 - Test Co 9 4 Which of the following...

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Test Corrections 13, 14, 9 4.) Which of the following does NOT represent a similarity between the spread of civilization in eastern and Western Europe? Student Answer – “A”: In both cases newly civilized areas looked back to the Greco-Roman Past Correct Answer – “D”: Northern political units rapidly dominated the political sophistication of civilization areas in Asia and North Africa Proof – “In Spain and Portugal, regional rulers drove back Muslim occupiers.” 5.) Which of the following was NOT an international economic difficulty experienced by the west by 1400? Student Answer – “E”: Western elites were accustomed to increasing consumption of Asian luxury products Correct Answer – “D”: Trade with Asia had ceased as a result of the Mongol conquests Proof – “Economy was growing and the West experienced much difficulty due to the elites becoming accustomed to the Asian luxury” 6.) What was the Western response to the problems of international trade that they experienced in 1400? Student Answer – “C”: They began to pull back from all but regional trade Correct Answer – “D”: Western nations began explorations of alternative routes to Asia that would bypass the Middle East and Muslim realms Proof – “The West began explorations to find better routes to Asia to avoid the
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Test Corrections 13 - Test Co 9 4 Which of the following...

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