Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - Chapter 34 Essay Questions 1 What qualities...

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Chapter 34 Essay Questions 1.) What qualities did FDR bring to the presidency, and how did he display them during the New Deal years? What particular role did Eleanor Roosevelt play in FDR’s political success? The admirable trait in Roosevelt is that he had the guts to try. He did it all with the rarest good nature. We exchanged for a frown in the White House a smile. Where there were hesitation and vacillation, weighing always the personal political consequences, feebleness, timidity, and duplicity, there are now courage and boldness and real action. Ordinary people conceived of the Depression as more like an epidemic than a problem of economic policy; they hoped primarily for treatment of its symptoms. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s political success was in large part due to the aid provided to him by his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt. Her contribution to the nature and effectiveness of her husband politics gave him a hand up in many aspects. As one of FDR’s greatest assets, she commanded enormous popularity and influence throughout his presidency. Eleanor would become the champion of the disposed and the “conscience of the New Deal.” Her main fronts included the impoverished and oppressed, which placed her in wonderful favor with the liberals, but nearly condemned her with the conservatives. Unlike any first lady before her, she physically involved herself in many of the political activities of her husband. Not only did she travel with him, and often as representative of him, but she also reached out through different mediums. Through speeches and a syndicated newspaper column, she powerfully influenced the policies of the national government. 2.) How did the early New Deal legislation attempt to achieve the three goals of
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Chapter 34 - Chapter 34 Essay Questions 1 What qualities...

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