G3 Weekly Packet 19 - 1 Ich heie _ Klasse _ DEUTSCH 3...

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1 Ich heiße _________________________________ Klasse ____________________ DEUTSCH 3 Päckchen 19 Hausaufgaben (DUE FRIDAY) : see last page of packet Was machen wir? (what are we doing ?) Family Aufwärmrunde Answer the following questions in German, using complete sentences. 1. Was für Suppe hast du gestern gegessen? ________________________________________________________________ 2. Wie lange seid ihr im Restaurant gewesen? _________________________________________________________________ 3. Wohin ist Susie vorgestern gegangen? _________________________________________________________________ 4. Um wie viel Uhr haben Sie das Essen gekocht, Herr Bryant? _________________________________________________________________ 5. Wie bist du nach Hause gefahren? __________________________________________________________________ Hanky: Where do you live? Panky: Do you know your neighbor? Hanky: What do you do together with your neighbor? (lügen Sie, wenn es nötig ist)
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2 Panky: Do you sometimes ask (bitten) your neighbor for something? (ja, 100 g Mehl) Hanky: What have you done for your neighbor? (mowed the lawn) Panky: Why don’t you do more things with your neighbor ? (weil) Hanky: Is your neighbor married? (nein) Panky: Can I have her telephone number? Hanky: No! I want to go out with her! Bingo: Using the family vocabulary on page 85, write a sentence with the phrase, “ich habe” plus “a nice,” making sure you use the correct endings.
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G3 Weekly Packet 19 - 1 Ich heie _ Klasse _ DEUTSCH 3...

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