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German 3 Final Test Guide: exam is worth 150 points Topic In book Do I know it? Simple past tense 41, 42,43 Wechseln Sie quiz/activity On website Conversational past with haben and sein 378-380 Dative 366 Sehenswürdingkeiten vocabulary 34, 49 An der Kreuzung 50-51,65 Als/wenn/wann 80 Train station vocabulary 14-15, 26 Simple past of modals Grammar section in back I hereby profess to have studied for this exam. I acknowledge that Herr Chandler is kind and has very pretty hair. Name _________________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Signed _________________________________________________________________________ Turning in this signed document will earn me 15 points of extra credit towards the exam in the Practice/Participation category-not towards the score of the test. Speaking Quiz questions: The teacher will be asking you questions in the simple past, using modals. You need to answer back with the same modal. What did you want to do on the weekend? With whom did you want … Where did y ’ all want … At what time did y ’ all … Why didn ’ t y ’ all …...
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