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Unformatted text preview: LEARNING SUGGESTIONS Mme Denizot- French Teacher How can I improve on my learning by myself? How can I help my child improve on his/her learning? 1-Make sure you do 10 minutes of oral practice daily. It is fine to start with 4-5 minutes for the first month. Remember that regularity will make the difference. See 3- for suggestions on how to practice. 1-Remind your student to practice orally every day for about 10 minutes. 2-Refer to your textbook and/or notebook to check the spelling of the words or to review grammatical rules. Make sure you repeat the words. Write them down without looking at your notes. Then, check back with your notes. Make a written note of the points you still do not understand and give it to your teacher the next day. 2-Quiz your student on the new vocabulary and grammatical rules. Makes sure he/she writes the words down or spells them to you. Make sure your student writes down the points he/she is struggling with so he can let the teacher know the next day unless you can help him/her.know the next day unless you can help him/her....
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