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Assignment - growth of core brands and expand into new...

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Jasmin Peters Feb. 8, 2010 Marketing: Sec 007 Pepsi Mission: At PepsiCo, we believe being a responsible corporate citizen is not only the right thing to do, but the right thing to do for our business. Strengths: Pepsi Co.’s strengths would be the brand itself. Good branding led the company to growth in sales that was higher than the global GDP growth. The company cares about its consumer’s health and is changing its products to appeal to the new type of consumer who cares about their health. Strategies: In 2007 PepsiCo took important steps to support future growth. What makes me particularly proud is that our 2007 performance was strong — not just measured by these short-term metrics — but also with the long-term equally in mind: • We increased capital expenditures in plant and equipment worldwide to enable
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Unformatted text preview: growth of core brands and expand into new platforms such as baked and crisp-bread snacks and non-carbonated beverages. • We added several tuck-in acquisitions in key markets and segments, and we further expanded our successful coffee and tea joint ventures. • We created the Chief Scientific Officer position to ensure our technical capabilities keep pace with increasingly sophisticated consumer demand; and we funded incremental investment to explore breakthrough R&D opportunities. • We maintained focus on building next-generation IT capabilities with Project One Up, to support our long-term growth prospects worldwide. BONUS CEO’s Salary: 14.7 Million...
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