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Essay: Discuss the U.S. involvement in Haiti The U.S. has been involved with Haiti for many years. According to Farmer, a lot of Haiti’s history is influenced but the U.S. The U.S. was involved with the refuges when Poppa Doc was in power. Many Haitians fled to the U.S. to get away from the harsh living conditions in Haiti during Poppa Doc and Baby Doc’s rule. According to the video presented in class, at first the U.S. was allowing the refugees to stay in the U.S. because they were aware of what was going on in Haiti at the time; but that decision was overturned shortly after. The U.S. changed their minds about welcoming the refugees because the Haitians were coming in by the boatload and occupying most of South Florida so they were all sent back to Haiti. The U.S. was heavily involved with Haiti during the 1990’s when Jean Bertrand Aristade was in power. The U.S. helped conduct the election in which Aristade was called to Presidency. When Aristade was removed from power by the
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