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AAPA & AAA - AAA 1 Race is a state of mind 2 Used...

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Race and Poverty AAPA 1. Humans belong to homo sapiens and though they differ greatly from a biological standpoint they have never been genetically diverged enough to prevent mating between groups 2. Pure races do not exist and there is no proof that it ever existed genetically 3. Physical differences come from genetics and where in a particular environment they reside in 4. We adapt to the earth’s environment but none in particular
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Unformatted text preview: AAA 1. Race is a state of mind 2. Used to create status in America 3. Stereotypes are psychological; no human is born with a built in culture or language Part of culture not genetics 4. Physical features are not intertwined Dark to light, hair texture, nose size, & etc are all independent of one another (no affect on the other)...
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