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People Places & Environment

People Places & Environment - People Places and...

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People, Places, and Environment (1/21/10) Cultural Background 1. Focus on spatial (geographic) variations among culture groups and functioning of society. 2. Ecological Perspective 3. Cultural Perspective a. Culture region b. Cultural diffusion c. Cultural ecology d. Cultural landscape Cultural Region 1. Region - a grouping of like places or the functional union of places to form a spatial union 2. Functional Culture Region -an area of the world with certain things in common, like, history, language, and beliefs 3. Vernacular Culture Region - a place people believe exists as part of their cultural identity Cultural Diffusion 1. Regions evolved through communication & contact Independent invention- ideas separately developed at different places by different people 2. Cultural Diffusion- origin and spread of ideas or innovations throughout an area Expansion diffusion- ideas spread throughout population in a snowballing process (knowers increase)
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Relocation diffusion-
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