1-26-10 - 7. Displays us as a culture “Ordinary...

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People, Places, and Environments (1/26/10) An Interpretation of Ordinary Landscape Landscape 1. Technical term - Landscape is used by artists, earth scientists, landscape architects, community and region planners, geographers, historians, and other disciplines to provide a descriptive preference 2. Ambiguous term - term used by many disciplines for a variety purposes 3. Related to but not always identical with nature 4. Every landscape is a scene but landscape is not identical w/scenery. Suggests 5. Is everywhere; to be observed not necessarily admired 6.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Displays us as a culture “Ordinary Landscapes” 1. That continuous surface we see all around us (broad) 2. When focused on particular landscape, primarily observing vernacular culture 3. Provides a social history if the routine lives of ordinary people Landscape Conclude: A symbolic expression representing cultural values, social behavior, & result of individual actions that impact or shape particular locations over time Interpreting Ordinary Landscape • Nature • Habitat • System • Problem • Wealth • Artifact • Ideology • History • Place • Aesthetic...
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1-26-10 - 7. Displays us as a culture “Ordinary...

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