Paper 1 - A journalist writes about a 13 year old who...

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A journalist writes about a 13 year old who committed suicide after receiving disturbing messages on MySpace and the nation is quickly filled with sympathy. What started out as an online prank quickly turned into a real life disaster. Not only for the Meier family but the perpetrators as well. The internet is no longer a safe haven where you can turn off the computer you go back to your “real life”. Today your online interactions have real life repercussions. Not only are your careers, relationships, finances, college acceptances, and reputations at stake, but most importantly your life. The story of Megan Meier touched the hearts on the country when we learned of what really happened to this young girl. The 13 year old prior to this tragedy had suffered with depression and self esteem issues. She met a guy on MySpace by the name of John Evans who made her feel beautiful and special. A week or two later after they met and chatted on MySpace he later turned on her and made her feel worthless. He sent her messages that threw blows at her self esteem. Megan called her mother crying to her about what John Evans had done (Malone). Where most teens would simply fight back or drop the issue, Megan Meier took a belt and hung herself in her closet. The story alone opened readers eyes but as the story went on, they soon learned that John Evans wasn’t exactly who he said he was. Instead of being a teenage guy who was interested in girls, music, and sports, he was actually a fraudulent account created by a friend’s mother as retaliation because of altercation that occurred between Megan and her daughter. What started out as a somewhat harmless prank to get Megan Meier to learn a lesson turned out as a life changing event for both parties. A family lost its 13 year old daughter over nonsense and a mother will have to live with the guilt that she aided in the suicide of her neighbor. It is pretty evident that the perpetrator didn’t think that the internet prank would lead to something as serious as death but this is a
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reality that many people have yet to understand and deal with. The internet is real; it is run by
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Paper 1 - A journalist writes about a 13 year old who...

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