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Peters1 Jasmin Peters December 14, 2009 English 0802 Section 07 Everything Bad is BAD for You!! Steven Johnson’s premise for his book is that everything that we think is bad for us actually is good. I agree with him to a certain extent, yes some of the new technology does appear to make us smarter, but does that mean that it necessarily is good for us. In my opinion these things are making us smarter but also making us lazier and sicker. When are we going to realize that these new inventions are taking us away from physical activity and personal life? It makes me question, what does America find most important and how do we learn to balance our time. Everything that we participate in comes with pros and cons. One of the activities that we forgo through sitting in front of the computer and TV screens for so many hours is physical activity. According to research done at John Hopkins University, “Obesity in children increases the more hours they watch television. (Media Family)” Obesity is a really big problem here in America because these same inventions that Johnson declares good for us are actually making us sicker. It seems as though the smarter we get the sicker we become. In the years before us there were not half as many new diagnosed diseases as they are now. For just about any thing you believe makes you different from others, there is an explanation and a supposed cure for
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Peters2 it. Although technological advances have helped many, it has also provided a crutch for our society. We are sacrificing our health for TV, games, and internet. Many people who work a lot suffer from depression and other mental/emotional disorders because they cannot find that work life balance. While the internet is helping us connect with anyone in the world. It also serves as your jobs personal tracking device. There is hardly ever a good excuse why some can not reach you or that you can’t complete a task. Even if a person decided to call out sick because they weren’t feeling well, jobs have supplied them with computers so that they still can work from home. This disables us from having time for ourselves. At one point in time, the average work week was 40 hours; this number has increased dramatically because of new technology (Archibald). It is now possible to do work from any everyday gadget. Families are being broken up because there is no real family time. Work is often brought into the home and the family begins to suffer. Marriages are broken and both spouses as well as the children then suffer.
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Paper 4 - Peters1 Jasmin Peters English 0802 Section 07...

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