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Philanthropy Plan

Philanthropy Plan - connection with AWF adds depth to the...

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Good Afternoon Mr. Hicks, The charity that I recommend this accounting firm’s philanthropy plan is the African Wildlife Foundation. The foundation’s slogan is “enduring the wildlife and wild lands of Africa”. The AWF (African Wildlife Foundation) is located here in Washington, DC and was established in 1961. The AWF’s goals are to conserve land, protect species, and empower people. These goals are all met through creating large landscapes on various regions of Africa. The AWF believes that if they teach the people of Africa how to economically and physically coexist on the land; the number of endangered species will decrease and the land will prosper. The AWF is perfect for this firm because their values agree with ours but in an abstract matter. It shows the community and other businesses that we are not just a financial institution. A
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Unformatted text preview: connection with AWF adds depth to the company’s values. The African Wildlife foundation is located nearby so showing support and getting our firm recognized will be fairly easy. We will have a more hands on approach than most other supporters and can help the foundation in ways its long distance supports aren’t able to do. This hands-on approach will show our commitment to the community as well as the AWF. We can sponsor events for the AWF such as: • Walkathons • Fundraisers • Volunteer Opportunities These types of events will also get employees from all levels involved. Supporting the African Wildlife Foundation will benefit your accounting firm because we will be one of the few financial institutions supporting a charity that has no ties to our field/expertise. Thanks, Jasmin Peters...
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