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Profit vs Non Profit - Jasmin Peters 04/Katie Gerst Writing...

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Jasmin Peters 04/Katie Gerst Writing Assignment #4: Profit vs. Non Profit Analysis There are two types of businesses. There are for profit businesses and non- profit businesses. Webster defines for profit as something that is established, maintained, and conducted for the purpose of making a profit. Non profit is thus defined as something not conducted or maintained for profit. The two businesses being compared in this essay are Proctor and Gamble and AARP. Proctor and Gamble is a company that sells a wide range of products such as household goods and beauty and health products. AARP is a company that provides services and discounts to the elderly. Proctor and Gamble is considered for profit and AARP is non profit. The two businesses websites are similar in many ways but also differ substantially. Proctor and Gamble’s website is created to inform its audience in a professional manner. The textual content is written in a formal tone. The information provided on the website is very organized. The text does have a little formatting but it is still formal formatting. The about us section contains a small excerpt of the purpose in bold heading and underneath is the full text. There is a small video clip of customer’s opinions of the company. There are many sub-sections
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Profit vs Non Profit - Jasmin Peters 04/Katie Gerst Writing...

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