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Calpulli- ancient territorial kinship groups to which every member of the society belonged Cuacalli- ("the House of Song") Each calpulli maintained its own cuicacalli, in which the elderly members of the community taught the songs, dances, and music with which everyone in Aztec society needed to be familiar. The cuicacalli took place toward the end of the day, about an hour before sunset, and children learned "the correct songs and orations for every major religious ceremony on the Aztec calendar Telpochalli- (the "House of Youth"), in which the curriculum included the study of history, religion, ritual, proper behavior, and music, singing, and dancing. The telpochcalli, however, was primarily concerned with preparing their charges for war, and the students in the telpochcalli engaged in extensive military training and even participation in real battles on occasion (sons of common people)
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Unformatted text preview: Calmerac- which were attached to the temples and were under the direct control of the religious authorities The calmecac provided an academically superior education, focusing not only on the military skills needed by all Aztec males, but also on religious instruction, history, painting, music, law, astrology, mathematics, government, and architecture. Also important in a calmecac education was learning to speak well (sons of nobility attended) Confucius- advocated a conception of the good man (chun-tzu) that emphasized the twin qualities of benevolence (Ren) and propriety (Li). Analects- short text produced by Confucius' disciples after his death, called the Lun-yu Li- a kind of balance wheel of conduct, tending to prevent either deficiency or excess, guiding toward the middle path of socially beneficial conduct Ren-...
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