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Reflection 3 - Jasmin Peters Education for Liberation...

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Jasmin Peters April 11, 2011 Education for Liberation Reflection #3 Why Poverty Exists Poverty is an issue that affects millions of people of all different races and origins. It persists because of both internal and external factors with in both the country and the world. For some countries it is mainly due to underdevelopment and the lack of access to means that uplift its citizens. In other countries it is simply because of politics. Poverty affects millions of people all over the world everyday yet no one has done anything to change it. Poverty is prevalent in the United States although according to the Human Development Index it is one of the most very highly developed countries. This is astonishing to many because United States is so advanced compared to third world countries and notably considered one of the richest countries in the world yet there are millions of impoverished people residing there. In my opinion, United States has people living in poverty because of the role of politics in the country. The United States spends billions of dollars on weapons years in addition to the millions of dollars spent daily on the current war. Poverty costs America approximately $500 billion yearly and it costs less than that to remove. Simply put America could gain annually $500 billion if there was no one living in poverty. That statement alone solidifies poverty is based on politics in
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Reflection 3 - Jasmin Peters Education for Liberation...

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