Reflection 2- Hindu

Reflection 2- Hindu - Jasmin Peters March 16, 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Jasmin Peters March 16, 2011 Reflection Paper #2 Hindu Reading and Obama Speech After reading both Obamas speech and the chapter on Hindu educational practices, I can credit the misrepresentation of Hindu culture to ignorance. As humans we tend to reject the unknown. Both Obama and Reagan spoke on ignorance on the behalf of humans. Most of Hindu culture was kept in secrecy until the 18 th century so many people do not know much Hindu beliefs and educational traditions. One common misconception according to Reagan is that all Hindus are Indian. Although this is somewhat true to a certain extent, it is not possible to make the generalization. Reagan offered statistics stating that 95 percent of Hindus live in India and 80 percent of the population is from India. Many of us take this as all Hindus are Indian but that is not so. Obama revealed in his speech in Ciaro that there are Muslims all over the world and a significant amount in America. It is easier to grasp that there are Muslims of all ethnicities than significant amount in America....
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Reflection 2- Hindu - Jasmin Peters March 16, 2011...

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