Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square - Jasmin Peters December 13, 2010...

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Jasmin Peters December 13, 2010 Mosaics II Final Paper #2 Rittenhouse Square is one of the oldest squares in Philadelphia. It is one of the few successful planned parks created in the 17 th century. Rittenhouse Square was mentioned in Jacobs, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” for its design and use. The best known…is Rittenhouse Square, a beloved, successful, much- used park, one of Philadelphia’s greatest assets today, the center of a fashionable neighborhood-indeed, the only neighborhood in Philadelphia which is spontaneously rehabilitating its edges and extending its real values(Jacobs) The square consists of residential and commercial buildings. There are tons of options for food, shopping, and entertainment. Everything that Jacobs believes a good neighborhood should host. The blocks are small and people are able to walk from place to place with ease. All the town homes are street facing allowing neighbors to meet and greet with one another. Rittenhouse Square is truly a work of art and is a great example of how a city is supposed to function. After
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Rittenhouse Square - Jasmin Peters December 13, 2010...

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