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Management of Quality CHAPTER 9 MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY PROBLEMS P1. The Modern Styles Furniture Company produces a line of disassembled furniture, which comes in a carton. The buyer is required to assemble the pieces into a usable object. One of the products is a two-shelf bookcase. Here is the parts list for the product: 1 back panel 2 middle shelves 1 package of screws 1 top shelf 2 side panels 1 cardboard carton This problem is concerned only with the cardboard carton and its contents. The pieces of the bookcase are assumed to be satisfactory, but some may be missing in some cartons. This constitutes a simplification, of course, since it ignores the problem of defective or damaged parts. The company provides an 800 number on the carton to assist customers who experience difficulties. Recently, there has been a rash of calls concerning missing parts. The Company promptly ships the missing part(s) to the aggrieved customer. Management is concerned about the poor reputation which the Company's products are acquiring
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CH_09_10_Edition - Management of Quality CHAPTER 9...

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