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Maintenance CHAPTER 15S MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS P1. The grinding machine occasionally breaks down and needs such services as replacement of a worn part or lubrication or resetting the speed of the grinding wheels. These break downs do not include the replacement of the grinding wheels, which is accomplished routinely by the operator. Here is the frequency of breakdowns observed over a period of 40 months. On the average it costs $200 to service the grinder. Routine maintenance, performed monthly, would cost $75.00 and would virtually eliminate breakdowns. Number of Breakdowns (x) Number of Months Observed (f) 0 20 1 18 2 2 Total 40 a. What is the mean number of breakdowns per month? b. What is the average cost of repairing breakdowns per month? c. Should the company repair the breakdowns or perform preventive maintenance? P2. The robot welder is a temperamental machine and is prone to breaking down and going out of adjustment. The table contains records of the service calls for a 12 month period. (J = January,
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CH_15S_10th_Edition - Maintenance CHAPTER 15S MAINTENANCE...

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