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my notes Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Functions of olfaction:...

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Chapter 15 Functions of olfaction: Menstrual synchrony caused by pheromones At the initial of the cycle (i.e. right after menstruation) = shortens At the ovulation = lengthens the cycle Features unique to the sense of olfaction and taste→ the neurogenesis !!! 5-7 weeks for olfaction 1-2 weeks for taste. Detection threshold: Method of limits→ created bias Forced method → we look for above 75 % because 50% acts as a chance. Chance is when ppl answer randomly either yes or no! Thus it tells us nothing abt the threshold. You must wait 30 seconds to allow for RECOVERY! Difference threshold→ minimum difference in the conc. of two odours so that the difference can be detected [VIMP: the olfactometer measures the difference in threshold !] Recognition threshold→ increases the threshold by a factor of 3 so that the quality of the odour can be detected. VIMP: Humans olfactory system is as sensitive as animals. Max sensitivity i.e. when 1 receptor stimulated by 1 molecule (similar to 1 photon=1 receptor) Animals better than human because they have MORE number of receptors . We can DISCIMINATE between many odours but we cannot IDENTIFY! The problem of identification is not because of our
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my notes Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 Functions of olfaction:...

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