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Developed by Miller/Waymire, Daytona Beach Community College Excel Activity #4: Using Excel to Find the Mean and Standard Deviation from a Frequency Distribution Description : This lesson teaches the student more about using formulas in Excel by entering formulas into the spreadsheet to compute the mean and standard deviation from a frequency distribution. Part I : A sample of viewers who watch the television program “Space Voyage” is taken, and the distribution of the age of viewers is shown below: Age (yrs) Class Midpoint Number of Viewers 5 – 14 27 15 – 24 34 25 – 34 17 35 – 44 11 45 – 54 7 55 – 64 3 65 – 74 1 Preliminary Questions : 1. Why are data of this nature important to advertisers? What type of products might be advertised on this show? 2. Fill in the class midpoint for each class. 3. Sketch a histogram of these data. 4. Which best describes the shape of the graph? a. skewed to the left b. skewed to the right c. uniform d. normal 5. Based on the shape of the distribution, would you expect the median age of viewers to be less than, greater than, or equal to the mean? Explain. 6. From the graph, estimate the mean age of the viewers. (Estimate means DO NOT use a formula/calculator. You have some latitude here).
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Excel_Activity4 - Excel Activity #4: Description: Using...

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