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ENG125 Wk 3 Drama - Running head A DOLL'S HOUSE 1 A Doll's...

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Running head: A DOLL'S HOUSE 1 A Doll's House Literature in Society ENG125
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A Doll's House On the surface Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House seems like a classic story of the oppression of women in a male dominated world. The main character is a woman who sits at home spending money on house goods and acting like a child to help her husband feel more potent. The husband holds a new high position at the bank and constantly is taking opportunities to teach his childlike wife about everything from money to the consequences of eating too many sweets. However, the story is much more than a theme in women’s oppression and a man’s over dominance it also deals with self discovery, escape, and betrayal. A Doll’s House surprised me in many ways. Aside from the obvious difference in what the play’s themed turned into there were many other issues and twists that took me off guard and made reading the play so enjoyable that I actually then viewed the movie based on it. Nora’s character annoyed me at first. Her constant childlike behavior by acting shy before she asked Torvald for money, hiding sweets and denying she had eaten any, her gushing to Christine about how much money they were going to have, and her proudly telling Christine of her deception to Torvald regarding the loan for Italy made me upset. Being in a similar situation as Nora, a stay at home mother depending on her husband’s wages to pay the bills and necessities I felt that she was almost poking fun of the profession of motherhood, it was a novelty to her. However, as
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