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University of Phoenix Material Literary Conventions and Devices Worksheet Names of Team Members D ate________November 29, 2010______ Each Learning Team should select two works of drama from the assigned readings for this assignment. All team members should contribute to filling out the tables and answering the questions for each play. Teams should be prepared to discuss their responses in class. Literary Conventions and Devices Table Play #1 Title of the work Significance of Title The Glass Menagerie The title refers to a collection of glass figurines. The figurines also symbolize the fragility of Laura and the structure of the family. Identify Describe Explain Impact Major characters Tom Winfield Laura Winfield Amanda Winfield Jim O’Connor The younger brother of Laura forced to assume financial responsibility for family in father absence. Longs to escape and find adventure. Enjoys writing, particularly poems. Daughter of Amanda and Tom’s sister, has one leg in a brace, painfully shy and withdrawn. Due to her shyness and embarrassment at her disability she often acts childlike and is treated like the youngest child despite the fact she is older than Tom. Stuck in her own past, tries to shape her children into her own version. Proud, nagging, worried. She regrets her decision to marry the children’s father but tries to cover it. Regular guy, kind to Laura, warm. Was poised to be a big shot out of high school but ran into some road blocks. He is optimistic in his view of his life and intends on making a good life for himself and his future wife, Betty. Forced into a role not to his liking, he’s doomed to fail. He is unhappy and shows signs that he is his father’s son much to his mother’s dismay. Lives in a world of her own, avoids most social contact and as a result is at the mercy of her mother and brother. She is the reason for the gentlemen caller and for Tom still being stuck at home. Forces her ideals onto her children thinking she is helping. She is driven to help her daughter wed and goes to many lengths to get a gentlemen caller for Laura, to the point that it is beyond nagging. Gives Laura self- confidence a momentary boost, ultimately causes them to lose some hope Page 1 of 12 ENG125r3
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for a financial rescue for the family. Protagonist Tom He is the narrator and a major character in the play. Tom gives the reader a direct line to his personal experiences and speaks directly to reader in his narrations. He is very up front about the way he feels about his mother, sister, and absent father. Antagonist Amanda Her overbearing nature infuriates Tom and Laura, although Laura does not express her feelings outwardly but they are expressed by her nervous stomach. Her nagging and
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Week 3 Sheet - University of Phoenix Material Literary...

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