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Apple Inc. Business Proposal Apple Inc. Business Proposal Dear Mr. Phillips, I have read, researched, and admired the organization that you have created, Apple Inc. There are many things that you do as an organization that are both innovative and profitable. In this business proposal, I will explain to you a little about what I can do to: increase revenue, achieve ideal production levels, determine how fixed and variable costs should be adjusted to maximize profit, and identify methods to
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reduce costs. Please take the time to read over what I have prepared for you here. Also remember that this is just an excerpt of what I will do for Apple Inc. Recommendations for Increasing Revenue A recommendation for increasing revenue at Apple Inc. would be to try to make the Apple products more affordable to the general public. If the price is lowered into a more comfortable spending range, consumers from the lower end of the spectrum would be more apt to purchase the products. This would open up the customer base to a large group of consumers. Another recommendation would be to use the technology to research new areas of business. Apple could possibly sell their products to car manufacturers and have them incorporated into the vehicles. This would ensure that whenever one of those particular vehicles is sold, Apple Inc. puts money in their collective pocket. “When it comes to a profitable organization, you need to be flexible. You need to be able to closely monitor what is going on with the industry and to be able to make changes and common alterations as necessary” (Perry, 2007, p.1). If Apple Inc. is able to closely monitor the successes and failures of their competition in their
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Apple Inc Business Proposal - Apple Inc. Business Proposal...

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