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Test 1 ECMB11H3F Quantitative Methods in Economics I Lectures L30 and L60 University of Toronto at Scarborough Fall 2008 Time 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Friday October 10, 2008 Location To be updated. You will be writing test 1 in different classrooms depending on your last name. This document will be updated before Oct 10 on the locations for test 1. Make sure that you have this information before you go and write the test. Aids allowed Any calculator and one aid sheet (8.5”x11”) written or typed on both sides . No electronic devices such as cell phones are allowed in the test. If you wish to keep track on the time, bring your own watch. Material to be covered from the textbook th (or 9 th ) edition, Thomson 2008.
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Unformatted text preview: C h a p t e r S e c t i o n 3 Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Measures 3.1 Measures of location 3.2 Measures of variability 3.3 Distribution shape, Chebyshevs Theorem, Empirical Rule 3.5 Measures of Association between two variables 4 Introduction to Probability 4.1 Experiments, Counting rules, Assigning probabilities 4.2 Events and their probabilities 4.3 Some basic relationships of probability 4.4 Conditional probability 4.5 Bayes Theorem Help sessions/tutorials before Test 1 Barbara Wong will run help sessions/tutorials. D a t e T i m e L o c a t i o n Oct 2 (Thursday) 3:005:00 pm AA 204 Oct 6 (Monday) 7:009:00 pm MW 264 Oct 7 (Tuesday) 4:006:00 pm BV 505 Oct 8 (Wednesday) 5:00 7:00 pm MW 170 Oct 10 (Friday) 12:002:00 pm BV340...
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