2008-11+Information+for+Test+2 - 5.5 Poisson Probability...

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Test 2 ECMB11H3F Quantitative Methods in Economics I, L30 and L60 University of Toronto at Scarborough Fall 2008 Time 5 pm – 7 pm, Saturday November 15, 2008 Location Last Name Room A – How SW 309 Hu – R HW 216 S – V HW 214 T – Z HW 215 Aids allowed Any calculator and one aid sheet (8.5”x11”) written/typed on both sides. All statistics tables will be given to you with the test papers. You DO NOT need to bring any statistics tables. Material to be covered from the textbook th or 9 th edition, Thomson 2008). Chapter Section 5 Discrete Probability Distributions 5.1 Random Variables 5.2 Discrete Probability Distributions 5.3 Expected Value and Variance 5.4 Binomial Probability Distribution
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Unformatted text preview: 5.5 Poisson Probability Distribution 6 Continuous Probability Distribution 6.1 Uniform Probability Distribution 6.2 Normal Probability Distribution 6.3 Normal Approximation of Binomial Distribution 7 Sampling and Sampling Distribution 7.3 Point Estimation 7.4 Introduction to Sampling Distributions 7.5 Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean X 7.6 Sampling Distribution of the Sample Proportion p Help sessions/tutorials before Test 2 Barbara will run help sessions/tutorials tentatively as follow. Date Time Location Nov 4 (Tuesday) 7 9 pm Nov 6 (Thursday) 11 1 pm Nov 7 (Friday) 1 3 pm Nov 10 (Monday) 5 7 pm Nov 11 (Tuesday) 7 9 pm Nov 12 (Thursday) 11 1 pm...
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2008-11+Information+for+Test+2 - 5.5 Poisson Probability...

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