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phys320 lab2_eeheat_data_sheetbillzach - Physics 320...

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Physics 320 Experiment 2 Conservation of Energy: The Electrical Equivalent of Heat DATA SHEET Name: Bill Zacharias Date: 04/4/2010 1. The measured resistance of the heater is 10.4 2. The voltage applied across the heating resistor is 5.9 V 3. The power dissipated by the heating resistor is 3.35W 4. The mass of water in cup is 150 grams 5. Paste a copy of your temperature–time graph here 6. Data Table Item Amount Item Amount initial time t i 0s initial temperature Ti 19.3˚C final time t f 600s final temperature Tf 23.0˚C Phys320 Lab Page 1 Experiment 2
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Physics 320 Experiment 2 continued change in time 600s Change in Temp. 3.7˚C Item Amount Electrical Energy, 2010 J Thermal Energy, 555 calories Electrical Equivalent of Heat 3.62J/calorie 1. 1. Accepted Value = 4.186 J/cal 2. Percent difference = 13.4 % Questions 1. Was the thermal energy gained by the water greater, the same as, or less than the electrical energy dissipated by the resistor? 3.
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phys320 lab2_eeheat_data_sheetbillzach - Physics 320...

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