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Physics 320 Experiment 3 Boyle’s Law: Pressure and Volume of a Gas at Constant Temperature DATA SHEET Name: __________________ Date: ___________ Prediction How does the gas pressure change as the volume in a sealed syringe decreases? Data 1. Paste a copy of your pressure-volume graph here. Questions 1. 1. Judging from your data, do the pressure and volume seem to be directly or inversely proportional? Does
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Unformatted text preview: this agree with Boyle’s Law? 2. 2. What happened to the pressure when the volume went from 20 mL to 10 mL? 3. What are possible sources of errors or limitations in this experiment? For each one, try to decide what effect it might have on the experimental results. Phys320 Lab Page 1 Experiment 3...
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