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Physics 320 Experiment 4 Diffraction: A Measurement of the Wavelength of Laser Light DATA SHEET Name: Bill Zacharias Date: 5/6/2010 Prediction 1. How does the diffraction pattern change as the distance between the laser and the diffraction grating changes? How does the pattern change as the distance between the grating and the projection screen changes? The diffraction pattern will not change as the laser and the grating changes, but as the grating and screen become further apart the fringes also become further
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Unformatted text preview: apart. Data 2. Record your measurements and calculations in the table below: L = 51 mm y (mm) (deg) (nm) 44 40.8 653 45 41.4 661 L = 72 mm y (mm) (deg) (nm) 65 42.1 670 59 39.3 633 3. The average measured laser wavelength is: 654nm 4. The nominal laser wavelength (recorded on the laser pointer) is: avg-655nm 5. The percent difference between the measured and nominal laser wavelengths is: 0.1% Phys320 Lab Page 1 Experiment 4...
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