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Unformatted text preview: IT 342 (1) Assignment 2 Due: 24 Apr 2011 [Tanenbaum 2.8] In figure 2.8 (below), a multithreaded Web server is shown. If the only way to read from a file is the normal blocking read system call, do you think user-level or kernel-level threads are being used for the Web server? Why? (2) [Tanenbaum 3.5] For each of the following decimal virtual addresses, determine the virtual page number and offset for a 4 KB page and for an 8 KB page: 20000, 32768, 60000 (your results, in all cases, should be reported as hexadecimal values). Suppose you have the new Zarnex VQ-120 computer which has a 64-bit architecture. Further, the boss has told you to ``max out the memory,'' which, on that machine, means you can install all the memory the architecture supports: how many bytes is that? At contemporary memory pricing of $11 / GB, how much will it cost to fill the machine? Knowing what you know about virtual memory, how much will it cost to provide disk space only for paging if you run Windows on this machine? if you run linux on it? (use a price of $50/TB for disk pricing). Remember to include correct units on all your results the result isn't completely correct without them. [after Stallings] Suppose the page table for the process currently running looks like this: Page Number 0 1 2 3 4 5 Modified? 0 1 0 0 0 1 Frame Number 4 7 2 0 (3) (4) The page size is 4 KB. For each of the following decimal valued virtual addresses, what is the corresponding physical address, if there is one (if there isn't just say there's a page fault): 9244, 22701, 5499, 3683. ...
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