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hw - Broadcast is where a message is sent to all other...

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Concept questions page 233 1.) Compare and contrast half duplex and full duplex. Half duplex is where the wire is used for both directions of communication at a time. Whereas full duplex is where there are two dedicated lines going in a single direction. Page 235 1.) Compare and contrast MAC with IP addresses. The MAC is a address that is physically assigned to the nic and the ip address is only assigned to the NIC for a period of time. There is a Lease time that the ip is assigned to the mac address. The mac never changes the ip changes on a reagulare bases and can be assigned to each nic. The mac is assigned at the manufacture. 2.) Compare and contrast unicast, broadcast, and multicast communications at the MAC sub layer. Unicast is where pachages are sent from a host to another host like in a direct connection.
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Unformatted text preview: Broadcast is where a message is sent to all other devices on the network. Multicast is where the messages to a group of devices. page 237 3.) Why is the backoff timing random when an Ethernet collision occurs? So that the time between the rebroadcasts has a high probability of being different. It does this so that the collision does not occur again. Page 238 1.) list and describe the five basic operations of an Ethernet LAN switch. Learning – the period of time where the switch learns what is connected to it and the addresses of those devices Aging -Flooding-where the switch floods the network with the packet Selective forwarding- is where it only forwards the packet to a specific set of ports Filtering-blocks certain type of traffic from entering the network if it knows that it is not needed....
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