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Organizations - are stable, formal structures that produce outputs by using resources and processes from the environment. Organizations are made up of people who oversee create and implement the unique visions and strategies of the organization. Information systems - are computer based programs and IT processes that help companies convert data to usable information for productive uses. Information systems are usually a department within an organization that oversees the gathering, storage and use of all data. Business processes - are a systematic set of process that are used in organizations to streamline activities and make them more efficient. Process are often referred to as SOP's All of these three entities work together to produce results. Each one of the above entities has a unique role in the sustained production of organizational results. The execution of each one of the entities is critical to achieving organizational success and if any one fails to do their part the organization as a whole will most likely fail. The organization is responsible for high level strategic planning and allocation of resources. An organization must be clear on what its purpose is and how it will accomplish its organizational goals. From a business perspective most organizations are in business to make money. In order to do this, from a high level, the organization must be clear on its strategy, product, target market, pricing, etc. The organization provides the vision and the outline for what it will take to succeed or provide a ROI to the organization and its investors. Information systems play a very critical role in this process. Primarily this division is responsible for automating process, collecting and managing data and providing relevant and useful data to the organization to enable better decision making. IS is designed to make life easier and faster. When the IS process is functioning efficiently it will free up the people of the organization to innovate and expand the organizational objectives Business processes govern the workings of an organization. These are usually found in the form of SOP's that are designed to bring uniformity and consistency to the organization. These SOP's are designed to maximize capital by finding and standardizing the most efficient and cost effective way of doing things. All three processes are critical to the overall success of a company or organization but each plays a very unique role.
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2. Porter's competitive forces model is useful because it provides a general view of the firm, its competitors, and the firm's environment. The model is used to understand what makes businesses profitable. Porter's model is all about understanding the firm’s general business environment. In the model there are five primary competitive forces that will determine the fate of the firm. The competitive forces model is beneficial to organizations because it helps them realistically evaluate
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IT final essay question answers - Organizations are stable...

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