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CheckPoint: Legislation Legacy One of the issues between the Native Americans and the federal government that I found on the NCAI policy research center web site was the American India Probate Reform Act which replaced state law with universal federal probate code for Indian land. Within this act the Indians are encouraged to draft a will and it also keeps the land in the hands of the Indian children of the land owners. The other thing that I found that was implemented by the Bureau of Indian Affairs was a range of information management system to try to expedite the title process. Even though we live in 2011 most of the Indians still live like
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Unformatted text preview: they in the 1800s. With all of this federal grants and federal programs to help those that live in run down areas and those that do not even have running water or inside plumbing I could not how bad the Indians have it living on the reservations. I also read somewhere how there is casinos on some of the Indians land but they do not see any or none of the revenues from them. There is a lot about the struggle that the Indians are still struggling with even in this day and time; I could not believe what most of them are still going through. • Resource: National Congress of American Indians website at
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