rish vs. bishop - Kim1 Jugyeong Kim Mr. Karns RHET 105, TR...

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Jugyeong Kim Mr. Karns RHET 105, TR 9:30 AM date Both Rich’s “An Atlas of the Difficult World” and Bishop’s “Questions of Travel” represent a series of images that center on a new profound sense of beauty. For Rich and Bishop, beauty is inextricably implicated in the very core of our daily life which contains not only clear ideas and pursuits but also subtle thoughts, maneuvers, questions, and troubles. We strive for clear answers to them, but in vain. However, it is during troublesome dimensions of life that we can get access to the true beauty of our feeble humanity and inscrutable life. As seeing exotic landscapes and experiencing new unknown cultures, the poets recognize identification and difference among “we” (Bishop 15), and between me and “you” (Rich 4), as well as binary values such as leaving and staying in Rich’s, and the familiar and the strange in Bishop’s. Such thoughtful recognition sheds light upon implicit beauty that we could not clearly understand at “home” (Bishop 61). Thus, particular imagery in both poems is suggestive of the profound philosophical conception and function of such abstract yet substantial beauty inherent in our daily corporeal space and time. As a matter of fact, identification and difference play together a very significant role in attaining to the true beauty in our life. In Rich’s poem, she admits that “the two (she and her passenger) are not always the same” (Rich 5) in terms of what they feel, what they remember, and how they think. As they travel together, however, she recognizes an underlying affinity that the two different partners share feeble humanity, and miss and seek the true beauty in their life. She points that her passenger is also “impatient to mark what’s possible, impatient to
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rish vs. bishop - Kim1 Jugyeong Kim Mr. Karns RHET 105, TR...

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