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Essay 3 - Kincaid’s narrator describes how such books...

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Essay 3 Due 04/05 This essay prompt will ask you to explore how the rhetorical elements of author and audience intersect with identification and difference in Jamaica Kincaid’s “A Small Place.” You want to identify two or three ways in which the author establishes her ethos in the piece and whether she does so through identification or difference. Consider how the author’s choices in establishing her ethos are influenced by her supposed audience. Then consider how Kincaid discusses “new book” on economic history, specifically those dealing with how “the West (meaning Europe and North America after its conquest and settlement by Europeans) got rich.”
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Unformatted text preview: Kincaid’s narrator describes how such books explain that Europeans did not get rich from free labor or slaves, or “of the people like me you see walking around Antigua,” but from the European merchants and investors. Explore how this quote establishes Kincaid’s narrator not only as knowledgeable of economic history, but as proposing an alternative history to the one that some Europeans historians propose, one that is based on by her own experience as a descendent of slaves. Requirement: 4-5 pages, double spaced, paginated, stapled, Times New Roman, and 12 Point Font....
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