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Kim1 Kincaid’s Ethos In Two Different Perspective Jugyeong Kim Mr . Karns RHET 105 Jamaica Kincaid who was born and lived on the British protectorate of Antigua in her childhood, and studied in New York wrote A Small Place . In the essay, she takes advantage of her cultural experiences in the developed country and the underdeveloped country, New York and Antigua, to analyze the fundamental reason that her country has been in plight in political, financial, and social aspects. In the process, she identifies identification and difference between two distinctive perspectives as a tourist and a native; she describes what tourists generally see and think, explains what has happened to Antigua, and criticizes how current domestic problems that a majority of Antiguans do not even recognize have occurred. She also emphasizes that it is because the government and leaders isolate them from universal rights and proper education which the Western social system universally provides. Consequently, her extraordinary perspective actually creates special ethos which establishes mutual credibility for tourists and Antiguans . Her pathos, however, indicates that she tries to advocate why and how Antiguans get poor, and to appeal that Western countries are also responsible for poverty and social problems caused by side effects of sudden application of capitalism. Combining with such ethos and pathos, her perspective as a tourist and a native suggests eclectic and objective opinion about how the West achieve economic wealth, and how developing countries have been forced to contribute to Western economic wealth . As a result, her credibility is enhanced as she scrutinizes
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Kim2 and examines supposed readers and Western countries, and persuasively proposes alternative economic history and knowledge about Western wealth and poverty of developing countries . Kincaid depicts beautiful sight and nice weather as she arrives at the only airport in
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A small place - Kim1 Kincaid's Ethos In Two Different...

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