Exam 4 Review Sheet

Exam 4 Review Sheet - Hispanic In 1848 After the Mexican...

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Hispanic In 1848 After the Mexican War that led to Texas independence, Mexico lost 50% of their land. New Mexico was the states Spanish language. Natives mixed with Spanish were called Mestizo. The Bracero Program allowed Mexicans to come to America. The sleepy lagoon case was charged against Mexicans for “killing” someone at a ranch. Later the zoot-suit riots started where Anglo soldiers went on a rampage in Mexican communities. LULAC stands for league of United Latin American Citizens. Chicano movement in the 1960s was a political and social action found by Cesar Chavez, which he later adopted the eagle for the flag. Symbols of the day of the dead are marigolds and Aztec heritage. La Raza Unida is a political party that involves new hybrid people. In Jewish the great tradition is an official Version of Judaism and codified and systematized by literate elite. The little tradition is based on ethnicities featured independent of religious language and cultural practices vary; also a part of this is Yiddishkayt from Russia. Sephardic Jews are from Spain and Balkan; they are the largest group in United States; their religion is Christianity and also called Sephardim. Ashkenazic Jews are from central Europe and Germany; they r anti-Jewish and speak Yiddish in 1300s; also practice Christianity; liberalization of Judaism. Pogroms murder and destruct property. Ladinos are Turks, Serbs and Greeks not Jewish enough. Hasidic Jews are ultraorthodox, they are holocaust survivors; they dress with a bearded, ear locks, and black suits and hats women wear head coverings, long dress and sleeves. The bird of passage is when people move back and forth between countries. Foreign Miners Tax forced miners to pay an additional $20 per month for being a miner in the United States Chinese Exclusion Act was for skilled and unskilled Chinese employed in mining in1882. Scotts Act happened 6 years later prohibiting Chinese laborers abroad or traveling; it also introduced CEA. Alien Land Law 1913 prohibited no alien can own or lease land. 11 years later Oriental Exclusion Act was ineligible for citizenship. Filipinos, American nationals. Gentleman Agreement was toward U.S. and Japan a law that limited the number of male Japanese immigrants allowed to enter the United States. Interment Camps in 1941 was a large detention center for enemy during war. Colonial rule in Philippines affected the economy, educational, political syst. And emigration during Spanish-American War 1898. Sikhs is a minority religious group in North India Region called Punjab. The Hmong guerillas in 1961 interfered with Vietnamese supply line so CIA trained a highland ethnic minority as fighters. Amerasians are children of service men and Vietnamese women; they were denied education. Parole power admits whole groups of people to come to United States as refugees; Vietnamese and Cubans; Refugee Act 1980. War Brides Act 1945 allowed foreign spouses and minor children of American serviceman to join as citizens. 1. Land lost from Mexico to Texas
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Exam 4 Review Sheet - Hispanic In 1848 After the Mexican...

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