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EXAM 2 Review 1. Ethnicity 2. Enculturation 3. Norms 4. Mores 5. Ideal Culture vs. Real Culture 6. Primordial Model 7. Circumstantialist Model 8. Assimilation (Cultural, Structural, Biological) 9. Pluralism (Cultural, Institutional, Consociational, Radical) 10. Ethnocentrism 11. Ethnocentric Syndrome (Be able to give examples!)
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Unformatted text preview: 12. WASP ethnicity 13. Xenophobia 14. Old and New Immigration eras 15. Chain immigration 16. Indentured servants 17. Know-Nothings 18. Protestant vs. Catholic 19. Padrones and recruiters 20. Objective vs. Subjective aspects of ethnicity 21. White ethnics (German, Irish, Italian, Polish)...
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