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POLS 1301 Study Guide #2 You should be able to identify the significance of each of the following. Please utilize all the materials including classroom discussions when answering the questions. 1. Affirmative action 2. 14 Amendment’s right to due process – related to the Bill of Rights th 3. examples 4. Civil Rights Act of 1964 5. Establishment clause 6. Free exercise clause 7. Roe vs. Wade decision 8. Plessy vs. Ferguson decision 9. De jure segregation 10. De facto segregation 11. Gag orders 12. Bill of Rights
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Supremacy clause 14. McCulloch vs. Maryland 15. Bills of attainder 16. Expost facto laws 17. Prior restraint 18. Right to privacy 19. Separate-but-equal doctrine 20. Brown vs. Board of Education 21. Evolution of federalism: dual, cooperative, new, contemporary (federal mandate, New New, State-Centered) 22. Political socialization: relative impact of the family, school and the mass media, particularly TV 23. Public opinion: why important; characteristics (intensity, fluidity and stability, and latency); opinion polls (exit polls); negative impact 24. Block grant...
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