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House & Senate 1301

House & Senate 1301 - TAB LE 2 House Con-murdered...

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Unformatted text preview: TAB LE 2 House Con-murdered! Differences Must initiate revenue bile Initiates impeadrment and iota on impeadlment hills WWMWW Difference: in figuration More centralized; WE l‘l'lDl'E formal: Speaker: assignment of bills en ccmm'rttee hard to challenge Rules Committee fairijr pmnreriul in controling tine and rules or debate Hungermene amendments forbidden Schedullng controlled by majority party More Impersonal, la: dubhy Fer-w less errenlzlr dlshimrted Members highly speciallzed Emphaelm tax and revenue policies mange: In the lr'lerfiimlon Pmeer of he; committees and the leadership increasing House procedures more efficient with less debate and fewer arnendmenfi Mon! orgarizing and bill writing outslde committees Confhnafiun punter over many major pluflerttial appoil‘lh'rrerm Tries impead'led officials Ratification paw-er enter treaties Two members from each state Lees centralized: procedure: less inrmai: Members are general‘erls Has me foreign policy meantime-s Senate Miner! and partnership increasing; inimmeli'ty breaking :_ Members are becoming more specialized; debate and deliberem'm l5; frequent _-::- Assignmt of oils to rII'rIrnittee appealaoie , Ne ruler. cornmittee:lirn1'is on debate come through unenirnms - tense-'1! or cloture of filibuster " Hungermane amendments permitted Schedule andmlesnegotiated betweenrnajceityand minority ._ leaders : More personal PMF more evenly distrlthted ...
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