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Assignment 2 - switching to him alive in a line up all the...

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The Usual Suspects is a film regarding five criminals involved in a boat massacre. There were only two survivors; a burnt victim and one of the criminals, Verbal. Throughout the movie, Verbal went into detail about how the team ended up doing a job for, an alleged mob-boss Keyser Soze, that lead them on the boat. Both survivors described to Detectives the one man they thought they saw, the devil him-self, Keyser Soze. By the end Detectives only discovered the truth was bogus and was told from the mythic him-self. I assume the Director is trying to inform us that once a criminal always a criminal. Just because you hear a story from a criminal that sounds essential doesn’t mean it’s true. No one is whom they seem to be. This movie manipulates time by reflecting on the past from the beginning when seeing Dean brutally shot
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Unformatted text preview: switching to him alive in a line up all the way towards the end when we see what actually lead up to that moment. One verisimilar consistency of the film starts as soon as the burnt victim screams out the devils name, having the detectives consider that Keyser Soze wasn’t a myth any longer. Another verisimilar is that no one knew who exactly Keyser Soze was, but what’s chilling to most is that he was every ones friend and threw out so many hints who he was. This makes me view the world of the movie in a terrifying and a realistic way. Verbal had no problem flicking his lighter and walking on two feet at the end of the movie....
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