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Assignment 2j - beliefs for the Africans and how that...

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Assignment 3 “When We Were Kings”, is a documentary film based on the untold story of “Rumble in the jungle” among interviews with famous boxers; Muhammad Ali and George Forman, and the people who knew them. This is a recording of a live event that happens in 1974, on one of the dries poorest continents in the world, Africa. Someone might label this film as something else because it has many scenes that show it as a comedy such as; Ali being a joker making fun of every fighter or news reporter that came through his path throughout the whole film. Three reasons it shows as a drama is, how Ali showed his compassion and
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Unformatted text preview: beliefs for the Africans and how that relationship effected him, fighting in a country with low poverty hosting the fight just so they can have a little more food, and acknowledging that the arena the boxers where fighting in was a pit where millions of people lost their lives, making this a drama. When George Forman arrived in Africa, the people found that it was weird he was black, because of his first name being George, making it very awkward for Forman. Candace Miles....
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