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Assignment 3 - Lectors assists on the case of the missing...

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Assignment 3 Three examples in the film “Silence of Lambs” from what we heard but wasn’t a part of the plot was; one of the prisoners caused Dr. Lector to execute him because he threw an bodily fluid at Clarice, Lectors story about Benjamin Raspail, and Clarice’s account of her father death. Between Dr. Lector and Clarice, a FBI agent in training, there were a few concrete character needs for the two. Such as Clarice needing Lector testimony of whom “Buffalo Bill” is, needing Lector’s test, evidence from mofet’s storage, and
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Unformatted text preview: Lectors assists on the case of the missing girls. Lector’s needs were getting out of the prison cell, consumption of human kind, and Clarice gloomy childhood memories. While at an airport, escapee and all, Dr. Lector calls Clarice and lets her know he will be having an old friend for dinner, he is referring to Dr. Frederick Chilton....
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