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Assignment 4 - because of the dry county less tress the way...

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Mise-en-scene in the film Clue describes a setting where it is dark and stormy, tress all around and a big hunted looking house, the type that is the only house within 10 mile radius. All the characters are dressed if they just came from a 50’s party, wearing feathers, black dresses, and lots of make-up. This film is designed to have a closed frame; for example they are all in a big house nowhere to go but the secret passages, the cellar, and the study room. As the scene goes on everyone is together bunched up where if one makes a sudden move their out of the picture. The movie would change if this took place in Lubbock
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Unformatted text preview: because of the dry county, less tress, the way they speak and the costumes they wear, plus this is the 20 th century so someone coming through wearing feathers and a big dress would be a little peculiar. Bonus: Mr. Green goes home to sleep with his wife, what is odd about this is the whole film he pronounced himself as being a homosexual. At the end of the film Mr. Green said “They all did it”, right after he killed Mr. Boddy....
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