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Assignment 7 The film “ Cutting Edge ” is about a hockey player getting blind-sided by opponents from his college rival team. Force off the team, and never to play again he finds his way skating as a figure skater. Trying to prove to his future partner and the world that he still can skate, he goes on to win a gold medal and the heart of his partner. There were examples of different types of shots in this film. Such as the shot-reverse shot which is when Doug and Kate were skating side-by-side on the ice ring and the camera was reversing from them and the audience back to them. Dissolve was another scene in the film shot when Doug was getting a massage, then the scene goes outside then to Kate to her shower. The Jump-cut was the
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Unformatted text preview: shot at the finals when the camera was going from one figure skater to another and another. Just like in the “ Rocky ” series, “ Cutting Edge ” also had a montage, for example when Doug is skating with Kate and he keeps falling with the music in the background the scene turns to them working out hard then back to skating getting better and better from each scene. The last shot example in this movie was the slow-motion shot, when at the beginning of the movie Doug was getting his head knocked into the side of the hockey ring one by one in slow-motion, that’s when everyone knew he was out. Bonus: The editing technique used at the end of the film “ Cutting Edge ” to get to the credits was a freeze frame ....
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