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Assignment 9 - showing us that the riders were well...

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Assignment 9 Films from 1915-1935 has since progressed through-out the time such as “The Birth of a Nation”, “The Jazz Singer”, and “Day of Freedom”. The film “The birth of a nation” made its first debut in 1915. It is a film about the Klu Klux Klan not allowing African Americans to vote because they would try to sexually assault the Caucasian females. This movie was filmed in silence; screen color was black and white; was one of the longest movies ever made and had a lot of jump-cuts. The film industry move forward with the movie “The Jazz Singer” in 1927 was one of the first talking films that were made. Still in black and white, there was sound plus better editing quality for this type of film in the late 20’s. The next progress was made in 1935 from a film titled “Day of freedom: Our armed forces”. Of course still in black and white this film also had sound hence the triumphs of will; low angle shots
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Unformatted text preview: showing us that the riders were well respected and above power. With different qualities of editing, sound and cinematography, this film was a bigger progression from the films over time. 1902 verse 1964 there were many changes similar and different over time, like the elements of narrative and mise-en-scene from both films. The narrative of Dr. Strangelove was constructed by speech, props, songs, and motion pictures while Trip to the Moon was more of pictures and songs but both being a form of literature, fictional. The mise-en-scene in both films were designed as pictures, lighting, props, and the setting took in front of a camera, Trip to the moon is like a visual them while Dr. Strangelove is more of a storytelling featured film. Bonus: At the end, the montage was the shots of the atomic bomb explosions....
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