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Candace Miles Assignment 9/3/10 The one movie that I thought of after watching Office Space was Wanted! Many differences came up as I was thinking about the two cubical workers in both movies; one was that Wanted had more of an action packed girlfriend who is Fox (Angelina Jolie) as Office Space’s Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) is more of a low key one. The only reason I shared that information was because the actresses had an augment over one man (Brad Pitt). On to more serious differences, Peter didn’t have a professional assassin as his
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Unformatted text preview: father; there were neither bullets flying around nor matrix like moves going on in Office Space. As for similarities, I also found a lot of the same things going on like, both ex girlfriends cheated, they hated their cubical jobs, and there was a big thing about the stapler, also annoying women and bosses for Wesley and Peter. Office Space was a really funny movie, for a first timer’s option but, if there was a choice between the two I would have to say Wanted would win me over....
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