QUIZ 10-11 - QUIZ 10 11 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Q1 In 1802 who...

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QUIZ 10 & 11 - QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q1.) In 1802, who made the first recorded attempt to produce photographs? THOMAS WEDGWOOD Q2.) The classical Hollywood style is fundamentally built on what principle? INVISIBILITY Q3.) What were the four kinds of film production companies in the mid-1930s? MAJORS, MINORS, "B" STUDIOS, INDEPENDENT Q4.) Postproduction consists of what three phases? EDITING, THE FINAL PRINT, MARKETING Q5.) What was the first movie studio called? BLACK MARIA Q6.) What was the most notable change in the New American Cinema? PREDOMINANCE OF SEX AND VIOLENCE Q7.) By teaching you how to look at movies in a critically aware way, film history provides you with the _________ and________ to understand and evaluate both yesterday’s and today’s movies. PERSPECTIVE; CONTEXT Q8.) In what year did the first kinetoscope parlor open in New York City? 1894 Q9.) Film stock is a ___________ thing, digital is a ____________. PHYSICAL; VIRTUAL REPRESENTATION Q10.) What is an answer print? THE FIRST COMBINED PRINT OF A FILM Q11.) What are the most important artifacts used by film historians? MOVIES THEMSELVES Q12.) What were the three most successful silent film types? EPICS, MELODRAMAS, COMEDIES Q13.) August and Louis Lumière are credited with inventing what projector? CINEMATOGRAPH Q14.) What kind of photography records the phases of an action? ??? Q15.) How do you determine the number of people required on a particular shot? ??? Q16.) In 2006, how many females were the top business or creative executive at the seven major studios? 5 Q17.) What was the most popular film of Hollywood’s “golden age”? GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) Q19.) Screwball comedies became popular during the Great Depression in the 1930s for what reason? THEY OFFERED AN ESCAPE FROM REALITY
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Q20.) Movies involve a constant tug of war between artistic vision and what? PROFITABILITY
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QUIZ 10-11 - QUIZ 10 11 QUESTIONS ANSWERS Q1 In 1802 who...

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